6.5 million candidates

Tap into 6.5 million candidates ready
to service your requirements

Cut hiring costs by 15%

Achieve year on year savings spend by sourcing talent direct

Onboard your business in less than 4 hours

Instantly post projects and get ready to hire your next candidate

Find your best candidates faster

  • Hire the top talent
  • Save on time
  • Reduce your spend

6.5 million candidates

Tap into 6.5 million candidates ready
to service your requirements

Cut hiring costs by 15%

Achieve year on year savings by sourcing direct

Find your best candidates faster

  • Hire the top talent
  • Save on time
  • Reduce your spend
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Find your best candidates, faster

  • Hire the top talent
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Reduce your spend

Our end-to-end talent cloud platform works harder to find quality candidates you need, as you need them

Direct Sourcing is transforming the talent industry. It means organizations can go direct for the talent they need.

MetaBlue is a unifying end-to-end talent cloud platform that combines a job board, applicant tracking system, and the best features for external workforce management. Our AI-powered platform is designed to give your business everything it needs to find and onboard talent on-demand and manage their end-to-end lifecycle without the hassle and costs of staffing agencies.

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Hire on-demand talent

Go direct. Save on pay rates and employment overheads, build a ready-to-hire candidate pool, and harness platform analytics to boost results.


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Find the best candidates faster

Thanks to AI-powered search and discovery, you have an extensive database of millions of available world-class candidates at your fingertips.

Everything in one place

MetaBlue is a comprehensive end-to-end talent cloud designed to find, hire and manage an external workforce with features that hirers and candidates love.

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Save time-to-hire with the power of AI

Hiring platforms have evolved. Thanks to AI-driven technology, you can spend less time finding and screening candidates, removing the boring tasks that HR, recruiters, hiring managers, and even candidates dislike.

What your organization needs is a new kind of talent platform.

Find, match, screen, and manage talent

The use of AI and thoughtful forms design means our candidate experience is second-to-none

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Mobile-first, always online

Works 24/7 to find the best talent from around the world, bringing relevant candidates to your attention and cutting time-to-fill

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Maximizing your OUTreach

We connect to all of the best job sites and careers portals to draw in top talent.

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It’s the ultimate solution to finding top talent in the fastest possible way, without the cost and complexity of hiring through agencies

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One of the best ways to curate your talent pool is to create a tailored careers site.  MetaBlue makes it easy.

Simple, powerful, affordable

We make finding top talent simple.  It’s about having the greatest reach into the talent marketplace, matching the best candidate profiles, easy screening, leveraging the latest AI tools that help your team save time and designing apps for mobile use to meet the needs of your workforce, wherever they are.

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No.1 in Candidate experience

Our design ethos is focused on creating great candidate experience. We make sure that every step, form, and click goes on to create an awesome app that candidates will keep coming back to.

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AI-powered matching and Screening

We recommend the best candidates based on past search history, current availability, location, skills, previous projects, job history, and more.

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Careers sites to ATTRACT TOp talent

We help businesses tailor their own career sites.  Build landing pages for your talent audience by location, industry, job category, etc.

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User-Centric Experiences

We know how important user experience is to platform adoption and day-to-day use.  That’s why we do everything to minimize data entry and maximize the use of personalizable charts, dashboards, notifications, and more.

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Productivity built-in

We’ve stripped back every step in the talent sourcing and management process and applied new thinking. We’ve cut out the human in the loop where it’s not needed.  That means less form filling, emails, and more AI and chatbots.

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We take data security and privacy seriously.  MetaBlue is designed to meet your data privacy expectations by design.  Additionally, we are an ISO 27002 compliant organization.

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Innovation advantage

We embrace the latest innovation in tech. Our strong partner network makes it easy to connect to the best technology.  Our cloud platform and tight platform version controls ensure regular updates to your platform with no down-time.

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Our cloud technology embraces the latest advances in data security, scalability, replication, and serviceability.  A global footprint of data centers ensures that MetaBlue is instantly accessible, anywhere in the world.

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World Class Support

Whether it’s the quality of our training and support resources, we are dedicated to providing our partners with the best service. We’ll there to support you at every step of the process.

Experience the power of intuitive design

Every aspect of the interface in MetaBlue has been thoughtfully designed to achieve superior user experience

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Discover a smarter way of sourcing talent